Vitruvi Vitruvi!

Posted: Oct 26 2015

We are excited to introduce an all new line to wish.list......Vitruvi! An edgy and yummy aromatherapy line filled with the highest grade essential oils. Shop it here!

"Each blend is make like a perfume; with top, middle and base notes except instead of synthetic fragrances we use all natural and pure essential oils. This technique results in extremely complex blends have the benefit of aromatherapy but the aroma of something special. 
Vitruvi products are made for people who live with intention and curate an edited life. They are about living with strategy and being aware as you move through the moment of your day. We believe in architecting your life and being intentional about the products we use and thoughts we think. We use only high grade essential oils sourced from over twenty countries. The oils are gathered in small batches and bottled in environmentally friendly packaging in Vancouver B.C. Canada. Vitruvi is 100% against animal testing and is dedicated to the preservation of culture and storytelling from the countries we source our oils."