Sparkle all night long!

Posted: Jan 12 2015

Looking for a way to add some glitz to your night out makeup looks? Glitter is the perfect way to add some sparkle and wow factor. Perfect for a night out with the girls, or any cocktail party, you’re bound to get compliments all night

What you need:

  • Brow gel – you want something sticky for the glitter to adhere to so that it doesn’t get everywhere.
  • Glitter! – I used craft glitter, however, be aware that it is not technically approved for use near the eyes. There are cosmetic glitters out there, use your own judgment and be careful!
  • Angle brush – For placing the brow gel and glitter
  • Makeup remover (cotton pads & Q-tips) – to clean up any fallout
  • Your regular makeup products to complete your look
The best order to do your makeup when applying glitter is eye makeup, glitter and then the rest of your face. The reason for this is so that you can clean up any glitter that gets away from you without having to redo your foundation.

For this particular look I did glitter in my eyebrows as well as on my lower lashline. I did my eye makeup and filled in my brows the way I normally do. 

  1. Scrape some brow gel off of the brush it comes with and put it on a flat surface (you can use a metal palette if you have one, I used a plastic plate). I did this a couple of times so I had approx. a ½ dime sized amount of brow gel on my plate.
  2. You also want to scoop out some glitter onto the plate as well (Keep the pile of glitter and brow gel separate!!)
  3. It is best to do each brow in a few sections, you don’t want to give the gel time to dry; you want it tacky when you press the glitter on top. So, take your angle brush and starting at the tail of your brow apply brow gel. After applying the brow gel dip your brush into the glitter and pat (don’t swipe!!) glitter onto your brow.
  4. For the lower lashline it is the same procedure, start from the outer corner. When working so close to your eye be sure to PAT(!!) the glitter on top of the wet brow gel, swiping or brushing will cause glitter to go everywhere and possibly into your eyes (which is not fun)
  5. After everything is dry you’re ready for cleanup! Even with patting the glitter there is still likely to be fallout and some glitter where it is not supposed to be. Before continuing with your foundation, use a cotton pad and some makeup remover to get rid of any unwanted sparkles; for small areas use a Q-tip.
  6. Finish up your makeup and marvel at how fabulous sparkles are!

 Before I leave you to have at the sparkles here are a couple extra things you should know!

  • A small amount of fallout is normal – throughout the night a few sparkles will not stay where they’re supposed to, this is completely normal and inevitable.
  • There will be a texture difference where the glitter is – it will feel a little strange and granular where the glitter is placed.
  • Don’t touch! – Touching or rubbing where the glitter is will cause it to come off and possibly leave you patchy.
  • If you get any glitter in your eye - Stop what you are doing and flush your eye with eye drops to remove the particles. (Don’t rub your eyes!) Glitter can be very irritating and because of the nature of the particles it can cause scratches; you want it out of there.
  • Use your judgment – Be careful! If you experience irritation or any discomfort, gently remove what you have done.
  • Removal – I recommend a cleansing oil, my favorite is coconut oil, but you can use any oil-based cleanser. I like oil based cleansers because I feel like they prevent the glitter from getting everywhere during removal, they make removal easier and faster and they are very gentle.

Have fun and enjoy the glitz!

xox Katey