Beauty From the Heart "One Love Organics"

Posted: Feb 05 2015


Our newest skin obsession! One Love Organics! Your skin will never be happier! One love packs a powerful plant based punch that nourishes and balances all skin types. Their philosophy revolves around simplicity; which is why they’ve created multi-use products with straightforward (effective) ingredients.

 Our absolute must try product from the line is the Skin Savior. This is truly a “do it all” product. It removes makeup, moisturizes, tames hair, and it can even be used to create a custom foundation. Seriously, try it on anything; you’ll be surprised at the versatility.

 The Skin Savior is completely water free and is made from pure cold pressed plant oils, mango butter and contains 3 super-critical extracts which is what helps break down makeup, dirt and oil, all without stripping your skin of its naturally protective layer.

One Love Organics likes to avoid stuff. Not the good stuff, like fun, family and friendship. Or the important stuff, like health, home and environment. They love that stuff. They mean the bad stuff. The useless, meaningless stuff that clutters our lives and clouds our perspective. One Love Organics was created to offer a simpler approach to beauty: a sensitive yet effective alternative to all those ubiquitous bottles and the mysterious stuff they contain.

This is our formula for a simple but effective skin care beauty treatment:



1. Start the day with a rosy glow. Pour a tablespoon of Brand New Day Microderma Scrub & Masque into your hand and add water until a paste is formed. Massage into your face using gentle, circular motions. Pay special attention the nose and chin area. Remove with warm water.

2. Splash face with cool, pure water to tone.

3. While skin is still damp, warm a small pea sized amount of Skin Savior Waterless Multi-Balm on your fingertips and apply to skin. Your skin will tell you how much product to use. When it soaks in the skin and feels non-greasy, you have used the perfect amount-move on to the next area of skin.  Skin Savior provides the perfect canvas for mineral powders. Be sure to include your neck, décolleté and backs of your hands. For dry skin or acne use a few drops of Morning Glory Complexion Booster.

After showering spray your body with Rose or Chamomile Daily Body Serum... 

How is it different than a typical lotion? Lotions are water-based. These Body Serums are 100% active formulas for a more potent, longer lasting moisture solution.


1. Double cleanse your face. Warm 1-2 scoops of Skin Savior Waterless Multi Balm in your hands and apply to dry skin. Perform relaxing facial massage using upward and outward strokes with your fingertips. 

2. Using a small amount of Easy Does It Foaming Cleanser, purify the face using gentle, circular motions for about one minute. Be sure to include your throat, jaw line area and behind your ears. Rinse thoroughly.

3. Splash face with cool, pure water to tone.

4. While skin is still damp, apply 2-4 drops of Love Springs Eternal Facial Preservation Serum. Be sure to include your eye area*, lips, neck, décolleté and backs of your hands.

Treat yourself. Use these guidelines as just that: a guide, not a rule book. Find what works best for you. Experiment. Play. Fall in love!