Flawless Finish

Posted: Nov 01 2014

The holiday season is fast approaching, and approaching with it is a calendar full of social events. In preparation for those events I’ve gathered up my favorite tips and tricks for a flawless foundation routine so you have one less thing to worry about. Foundation is one of the most important steps in your makeup routine; it gives you a blank canvas to work on while applying the rest of your makeup. Think of it in terms of building a house, you need a strong foundation before you can go about doing anything else.

One more thing, beautiful skin really comes from within, stay hydrated, eat your veggies and fruits and your skin will thank you before it gets time to pull out the brushes.

  1. Prime, prime, prime
Essential for last all night makeup, a primer smoothes, conceals and gives a base for your foundation to adhere to. Look for a primer that works with your skin type, oily skin - go for an oil free option, dry skin - look for a moisture rich formula. (I like to apply my primer with my fingers; I also prime my eyes in this step too. I like Jouer’s new Long Wear Brightening Eye Primer)

 My favorite primer is Jouer’s Anti-Blemish Matte Primer, it blends right into my skin and keeps my makeup matte all day.

  1. Choose your foundation

 Apply your foundation; I prefer to use a Beauty Blender with my foundation because I feel it gives me the most natural looking finish while blending my makeup flawlessly. I put some foundation on the back of my hand and with my damp beauty blender I apply my foundation with a “tap and roll” motion all over my face until it’s all blended.

 Right now I love Ilia Beauty's new Sheer Vivid Tinted Moisturizer, however, this is a very sheer product so keep that in mind if you normally like full coverage.

  1. Conceal

The reason I conceal after applying my foundation is because it allows me to see what wasn’t concealed at first. Sometimes I end up not concealing as much because my foundation covered up my problem areas. I also use a Beauty Blender to apply my concealer with the same “tap-and-roll” motion as before.

 The main areas I conceal are around my nose (it is normally a bit red), under my eyes and then I move on to any blemishes I need covered. When covering blemishes apply concealer on top of the blemish and just blend the edges out, you don’t want to move the makeup off the blemish. (For blemishes I use my fingers or a concealer brush so I don’t move the makeup around too much)

 I use Ilia Beautys Vivid Concealer, this is a medium coverage concealer and it is quite liquid so keep in mind a little bit goes a looonngg way.

  1. Powder!

This last step is just as important as primer for keeping your makeup flawless all night long! Powder ‘sets’ the creamy foundation and concealer so that it doesn’t move around and helps keep shine at bay. I use a combination of pressed powder and loose powder, I like to use pressed powder on my problem areas (blemishes, under my eyes and around my nose) because I feel like it has a bit more staying power and loose powder dusted everywhere. When I apply the pressed powder I tap and press it into the skin with a kabuki brush because I don’t want the makeup moving around before I set it fully. The loose powder I just dust everywhere with a regular fluffy face brush.

I use Jouer's Pressed Mineral Face Powder and RMS Beauty’s Un-Powder.

After powdering you’re ready to apply the rest of your makeup! These steps will have you looking flawless all night and into the morning, without having to worry that your makeup’s moving around.

Keep in mind these are my personal favourites and there are many different foundation formulas and finishes for every skin type and tone, for a personalized just-for-you routine visit us in store. (We are also taking appointments for Friday and Saturday night makeovers, come in and have your makeup professionally done for a night out (or in)!)