lash out with lucsious lashes - our top 8

Posted: Oct 22 2014

Reach your greatest length with volumizing, extending mascaras..... it's a quest we all try to achieve and once you find your perfect mascara you never want to let it go. The right mascara can be a real game changer, formulas and colours change but often it's all about the brush.

Here are top 8, chosen by you:

1. Geisha Ink

This is a fiber mascara with a very thick brush that coats your lashes and comes off easily with when you wash your face.The formulation goes on smoothly, it dries quickly, but not too quickly. It does lengthen nicely and does not smudge. The results are natural looking,waterproof, clump and smudge-free formula that can help increase lashes up to 3X their original volume. 

Put it on in the morning and it truly lasts all day long, great for bridal parties. $30

2. Youngblood 

A conditioning and volumizing formula that creates noticeably longer, fuller, defined fringe. The exclusively designed brush lifts and separates each lash. Long-wearing, non-flaking and smudge-proof.   The bristles on Youngblood’s mascara wand are close together, meaning they will separate the eyelashes one-by-one, not into clumps. Additionally, when you apply the mascara to your eyelashes you actually can feel the wand gripping your lashes to lengthen them.  $28

3. Eyenvy Mascara

This mascara glides on, doesn't clump and is the perfect texture to build up those gorgeous lashes, starting with the first coat. The Eyenvy brush's criss-cross design separates each lash working on volume and thickness.   Repair, condition and get volume all in one. $32

4. Miracle Mascara

This Black Mascara by Beauty for Real has a creamy texture that glides on each and every lash while the hourglass shaped brush fits the contours of your eyes.  Every single lash is perfectly illuminated with the LED light on the brush and visible in the magnifying mirror on the bottle. Press the button on the lid to turn the light on and off. $25

5. Volumizing Formula - rms beauty

This organic & natural formula is good for layering and the best way to apply is to start at the lash roots, wiggle the wand left to right all the way up pulling through to the tips, this will separate and catch all of the smaller hairs. Apply a second coat using the same technique and then coat the bottom. You may not get as much volume as other volumizing brands, but you will also not get synthetic polymers and all sorts of "naughty" ingredients, which is the trade off.

A combination of organic plant waxes and select raw minerals allow this emollient mascara to shape lashes and intensify fullness. Created with rich mineral pigments and certified organic butters, waxes and oils, RMS Beauty Mascara will give you lush lashes without all the harsh, drying chemicals.  $28

6. Nightfall Mascara - ILIA Beauty 

This is a very deep black by Ilia Beauty which darkens and separates lashes enough to give the illusion of fuller lashes. This mascara lasts 8+ hours on the lashes and it is fairly easy to remove , this mascara does not flake and doesn’t clump or smudge but its drying time is a little longer.  The tight squeeze of the wand in the tube prevents excessive product on the wand. It gives lashes that very dark look especially great for a night out on the town although it is also totally suitable for daytime wear. $26

7. Natural & Organic - Evelyn Iona 

This all-natural mascara is awesome for sensitive eyes! No synthetic preservatives or fragrances & a smudge resistant formula which is easy on the eyes.  It is 85% Organic , 95% Natural, Gluten Free, Vegetarian, and Cruelty Free which means it's easy on your conscience also.  $19

8. What's Your Type? - theBalm Cosmetics

The Balm's Mascara - What's Your Type? really Pumps up your lashes and give them the lift they need, it is formulated with Vitamin E, Panthenol and Bambo, this mascara strengthens and conditions your lashes. Push the limits of your lashes by layering an extra coat to take your volume to the max. $19