In Turban Heaven

Posted: Apr 22 2015

Sarah ShaBacon’s turbans and headdresses are just what you need this summer to glam it up,  the founder of IWEARTHEHEADRESS (IWTHD) is  owner, designer, seamstress, photographer and marketer. She knew she wanted her product to stand out in the crowd, so she started using antique or ethnic textiles sourced from around the globe and turning them into limited edition and sometimes one of a kind head wraps.

Her customers love that they can own something that is completely original and also from recycled materials. Sarah likes to focus on the quality of the fabric, so the past two fall seasons have consisted of cashmere, velvet, vegan leather etc. creating pieces that look and feel luxurious.

Sarah says she will never design anything that she wouldn’t wear herself and will definitely choose quality over quantity every time.

Many people don’t know that hers is a one woman show, there are no seamstresses, photographers, web designers or packaging teams. She had no experience in fashion design, business or marketing – "I stumbled into this not knowing that I would eventually be selling my pieces to women and boutiques around the world, and sneaking a few celebrities into IWEARTHEHEADRESS as well".

We always look forward to a new batch of beautiful turbans from IWEARTHEHEADRESS and so do our wish.list customers!!