That Holiday Glow.

Posted: Dec 14 2015

With the holiday season fast approaching time is in short supply. You can be ready for anything in three steps using your favourite rms beauty staples and you’ll be ready to glow in no time.

  1. Un-coverup: use this powerhouse concealer on problem areas to even out your skin tone. (You can also opt to use this all over as a foundation!)
  2. Lip2cheek: grab your favorite shade of this moisturizing cream blush that also doubles as a lip color. (Modest is our favourite pink flush)
  3. Living Luminizer or Buriti Bronzer: our last (and favourite) step! Grab your weapon of choice (luminizer or bronzer) and blend onto the high points of your face (top of cheekbones, bridge of nose and underneath eyebrows).

 Now marvel at your glow-y self, no one will know it’s not natural!