Introducing ..... Geisha Ink "Silk Mascara"

Posted: Apr 16 2015


Ultra long, full, and silky lashes are yours with Geisha Ink’s newly launched The Silk Mascara.

This remarkable formula is created with a cutting edge technology to instantly deliver thicker, fuller, softer lashes with up to 5 times your natural volume.

What makes this ingenious formulation so special is that you control how long and thick you want your lashes to be - it's buildable from all angles! Created to stay clump-free, this transformative mascara feels completely feather-light on and soft to the touch. Smudge-proof and water-resistance, it's easily removed with warm water and a gentle massage. 

The Silk Mascara is destined to become your next beauty essential.

A Good Luck Charm on The Silk Mascara - Symbolizing beauty, self-appreciation and optimism, cherry blossoms are also known as ‘sakura’ in Japanese. It is a reminder to love and appreciate ourselves and all the goodness around us.


- buildable up to 5 times your natural volume

- silky soft touch finish

- feather-light, feels just like your natural lashes

- water-resistance, smudge-proof; removes easily by massaging with warm water