Introducing Skin Care from New Zealand you will love.....

Posted: Jan 19 2017

Antipodes presents you with a skincare range with bioactive botanical ingredients from New Zealand nature. Carefully created for performance our formulations are blended with pure plant fragrances and nutrient-rich avocado oil to help powerfully anti-age your skin.

With scientific validation to show Antipodes skincare products stimulate the synthesis of type I and type111 collagen production in human skin fibroblast cells*, we offer powerful anti-ageing from New Zealand nature.

And while we create Antipodes® scientific, protein-rich formulations, we're deeply committed to caring for the Earth: we are certified organic, a carbon zero certified business & all our products are officially approved for vegetarians.

Three times award winner for Sunday Star times, and named “best of the best’ Anti-ageing product for Avocado Pear Nourishing Night cream, in 2011. Antipodes is sold in 7 countries and winning fans across the globe!

Q: Will my skin change when switching to Antipodes?

A: Your skin will love you for making the change to Antipodes! We receive a huge number of accolades from happy clients the world over who have found their skin has improved dramatically since using our beauty brand. Be aware that spots or breakouts may occur when making the transition to natural products, or when changing brands. Skin may look or feel different while adjusting to premium natural ingredients and undergoing the necessary detoxification process. These effects usually subside within a short period of time - to reveal skin in its best-ever natural state