RMS Beauty makeup bag essentials.......

Posted: Aug 03 2017

RMS BEAUTY natural and organic

"Un-Cover Up" It's a concealer AND foundation that you can use all over your face as a sheer, lightweight foundation AND build up in certain areas, such as under the eyes and around the nose, where you want more coverage. It isn't going to erase all imperfections (like so many foundations that completely white out every flaw and leave you cakey and dry). It's going to give you a more even, healthy skin look, but the effect is still very natural. 

You can't see it sitting on top of your skin, and there is no scent, you pretty much forget you're wearing it. We consider it skincare, actually! 

  • 00: Lightest shade for the true snow whites.
  • 11: Pale shade with a subtle yellow base.
  • 22: The biggest seller. With its yellow base, this shade is great light-medium skin tones.
  • 33: A slightly warm tan colour.
  • 44: A darker tan colour, which can also be used for creating a tanned effect or for contouring if desired.
  • 55: Warm golden tan.

 RMS Beauty "Un-cover Up" contains so few ingredients, and all of them are good for your skin. (Hence why I say it's skincare, not makeup.) There are no fillers, water, silicones or hard-to-pronounce chemicals you've never heard of.

Set with powder. This is really important! Once you've achieved the coverage level you desire, you most likely are going to want powder. "Un" Cover-Up is so hydrating, it WILL leave your skin looking quite dewy. 

RMS  "Un Powder" will take away the dewiness, absorb oil production, and help the "Un" Cover-Up" to last a lot longer throughout the day. However, your application should have a light touch