Pucker Up Beautiful.....

Posted: May 31 2018

sara happ lip mask wish.list boutiqueSara Happ Sweet Clay Lip Mask looks like pale pink frosting in the pot, with a very dense consistency. It feels pretty buttery as you glide your finger along it to pick up some product after the warmth of your skin softens it up a little bit. It’s easy to apply, and will leave your lips an opaque pink hue while it sits — but it doesn’t dry down. It stays creamy and hydrating while applied. The packaging states to use it pretty much whenever and for however long you want. The mask has a sweet, slightly minty taste and gently cools and tingles. 

Leave it on for as little as 5 minutes, or as long as 25 minutes daily over for a week, use it in the mornings  or evenings.  Then wipe it off with a warm washcloth. The result:  they may look a little more firm, and they definitely feel more hydrated — making your lips a better canvas for your lip colour. It's so amazing how supple your lips feel after using it! We've become quite attached to this lip mask for some reason!