Number 3 - Lovely Lashes

Posted: Jul 23 2014

There are some things a girl just can’t live without and defined lashes are one of them. Mascara pulls a look together and brings attention to the eyes without being time consuming or putting you at risk of face-melt. To give your mascara extra staying power look for a water-resistant or waterproof formula.
My favourite is Geisha Ink Ultra Volume Mascara, it’s smudge-proof, flake-free, waterproof and can increase lashes up to 3X their original volume! This is a fiber mascara that coats your lashes and comes off easily with when you wash your face. The brush is very thick and tends to collect a lot of mascara. I usually need to scrape some off using the tube in order to get a smooth application. It dries quickly so it's easy to apply a couple of coats before you dash out the door.
Kathie loves Youngblood Outrageous Lashes  for longer lashes with an advanced formula and exclusively-designed brush which allows for smooth, even application while lifting and separating each individual lash from root to tip. Long-wearing, non-flaking and smudge-proof, Youngblood’s Mineral Lengthening Mascara is formulated with L-Arginine, an essential amino acid that moisturizes and strengthens, Panthenol, a B vitamin that keeps lashes flexible and Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice which gently hydrates. The mascara is also free from talc, perfumes and chemical dyes and is cruelty free.
Alisa's pick is rms beauty Volumizing Mascara with a fluffy applicator brush, it glides over lashes and the pigment is very rich and black. If you absolutely need to apply at least two to three coats of mascara before feeling like you can leave the house, wait for each coat to dry before applying the next.  It is crucial with this formula, but the results are worth it: longer, thicker lashes. The mascara wears well through the day and into the night. Created with rich mineral pigments and certified organic oils, butters and waxes this mascara will instantly add life to your lashes without flaking, smudging or clumping.  Though this formula is not 100% organic it is 100% natural and effective!