Number 6 - Pamper Your Locks!

Posted: Jul 14 2014

Don’t forget, your hair also feels the effects of changing seasons. Replenish moisture and pamper your strands with a leave in treatment applied daily. Leave in treatments are typically in the form of oils or serums and they smooth the hair shaft and moisturize to maintain soft hair throughout the day.

John Masters Organics Shine On is a great daily treatment that smoothes and heals hair simultaneously. It uses organic kelp in place of silicone to immediately smooth the hair shaft and 8 additional certified-organic plant extracts to condition, strengthen and protect the hair. 

Another great product to use on dry, damaged hair is RMS Beauty's Coconut Cream. Used nightly as a hair treatment it can put back the shine and take out the frizz.  After using as a make up remover, apply a tablespoon to scalp and massage in,  put some oil on the ends, leave for 30 mins or overnight and wash out; result: beautiful moisturized hair and scalp. Your hair will be happy happy happy!!