Our Beloved Beauty Blender

Posted: Jun 24 2014

What's all the fuss about a little pink sponge?   Sure it's cute and non-latex , but what does it actually do?? Truthfully, it's the best little secret weapon for applying your makeup, getting the best flawless soft complexion ever! Whether you are using foundation, concealer, BB cream or tinted moisturizer you will love the results! There's a few simple things that will let you apply make up like a pro...

Let's get started:

First you will need to get it wet, magically it will become twice it's original size.  Squeeze out any excess water and dry your hands so as to not dilute whatever makeup you are using.

We find the best way to use the  Beauty Blender is to put your concealer on the back of your hand or if your using the RMS Beauty "un"cover up dip the pointed end right in the pot.  Stipple or dot the sponge on your face, under your eyes & on any blemishes to achieve the coverage needed.   

Next apply your foundation, tinted moisturizer or BB cream to the back of your hand and using the rounded end to absorb the makeup. Again stipple or dot, bounce all over your face to get that airbrushed look. Work from your nose, out toward your cheeks and then up to your hairline. Don't forget to go under your chin toward your neck. This will end up looking so flawless & natural, no harsh lines here!

Always wash your sponge by wetting the sponge, apply the cleanser onto the sponge and use your fingers to wash off any product residue.  Squeeze out all excess water after washing the sponge and leave it in the holder to dry. Ensuring it's ready for you the next morning.

So what is all the fuss? It's the curves make this sponge adept at getting foundation into tight spots like the sides of the nose or the inner corners of the eyes. And unlike many sponges, it will hold up well for years. The hot pink colour of the original BeautyBlender is fun, but if you prefer something without dye it comes in Pure or Black.