Katey Katey Katey!

Posted: Jun 02 2014

We are so happy to introduce our resident pro makeup artist and beauty expert. Lucky for us Katey will be sharing some of her great make up tips and tricks with you!

A little about Katey…..from an early age she was fascinated with makeup; lipstick, mascara, blush…she wanted it all.  By the time she entered high school she had made up her mind, she was going to be a makeup artist and nothing would get in her way. She stuck to her guns and upon graduation moved to Vancouver in order to attend Blanche Macdonald Centre, a leading school for professional training in makeup, fashion, hair, esthetics and nail design.

Working in different areas of cosmetics, Katey realized how much she enjoyed teaching and helping clients look and feel beautiful.  Her primary focus is bringing out a clients inner beauty, working with their natural beauty and teaching them along the way so that they can achieve the same look at home.

Katey has extensive knowledge of wish.list’s make up product lines, including our organic and natural makeup brands that not only look good, but are also good for you.

A few fun facts about Katey: She changes her nail colour every other day, she loves braiding hair, she usually has a coffee in hand, she is originally from Alberta.